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Luxury Paradise Valley Property Management Services

Paradise Valley Property Management Company

Scottsdale adjacent Paradise Valley is the star of Phoenix and houses a rich and vibrant community of large lot homes. The needs of the community differ from the rest of phoenix as the size and quality of homes are above most of the country. Unlike Scottsdale, PV has a larger emphasis on long-term renters as well as short-term (STR's). Being a destination for the rich and famous, Paradise Valley requires the highest levels of attention to detail from property managers. 

That is why at SCP, we have crafted unique processes and approach to managing these luxury homes. 

Owners of villas in PV expect a level of service that is the highest of levels and want a partner they can trust to do the right thing without being wasteful. Thus we have custom management plans available for our customers in PV. Our services can include a custom management struction including one or many of the following:

  • Standard long-term rental management

  • Short Term Management

  • House Sitting

  • Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Communication & Marketing Management

  • Multiple or all of the above.


Owning a luxury property has unique demands unlike a typical house. Whether an acre or an estate, there are significant maintenance requirements above the typical property that are expected. Being able to host groups at a moments notice, keeping the physical property and foliage manicured regularly are crucial. Wealthy owners often travel frequently and don't always have the staff available to manage all aspects of an estate which is where we can come in. We can often fill in the gaps as well as help your property earn income through various means while you are away. 

We're local, we live in Scottsdale, and we know the area.

Our expert team starts by strategically marketing your property to attract qualified patrons of your property and ensure standards are kept 24/7.

Whether you want us to simply keep and eye on things for you or help other enjoy your property as you do for a price, we are here to support you. 


Scottsdale Property Management offers comprehensive services for luxury homes in Paradise Valley.


Benefits include:

  • Automated owner statements

  • White-glove Management

  • Custom Management Plans

  • 24/7 maintenance call response

  • High Quality Service

Partner With Scottsdale and Paradise Valley Management Pros

Maintain your house or grow your portfolio of properties with Scottsdale Property Management on your side. We offer owners peace of mind and optimal returns. Let us handle emergency maintenance, tenant issues, and other challenges, providing a streamlined and superior rental experience.


Contact us today for a complimentary property analysis. We treat your property they way you deserve for it to be treated.

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