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Small House: Single-Family Home Property Management



Scottsdale Property Management simplifies single-family home (SFH) investments for Arizona property owners.


Our team is committed to maximizing your profits and minimizing your headaches. We continuously offer new custom management services that will meet your needs.


Specializing in single-family home management, we understand the competitive Scottsdale rental market. That's why you get effective marketing that attracts quality tenants, in addition to professional and comprehensive management.


Are you ready for a partner you can trust? 


Owning rental properties can be overwhelming, but we have the solution! At Scottsdale Property Management, we offer comprehensive single-family home property management services that free you from the constant demands of being a landlord.


Our expert team starts by strategically marketing your property to attract qualified tenants. We prioritize thorough tenant screening to minimize turnover and ensure positive rental experiences.


With experienced property managers, we handle maintenance and care, providing a comfortable living environment for your tenants. From 24/7 property maintenance to an online owner portal, we simplify the rental process for everyone involved. Enjoy the benefits of property ownership without the stress with Scottsdale Property Management.


Scottsdale Property Management offers comprehensive services for single-family homes in Scottsdale.


Benefits include:

  • Automated owner statements

  • Hassle-free management

  • Online owner portal access

  • Effective marketing

  • 24/7 maintenance call response

  • Low vacancy

  • We're local

  • Quick tenant placement


Experience worry-free property management with Scottsdale Property Management.

Small House: Single-Family Home Property Management

With our extensive experience in the rental property industry, we have discovered the key to standing out from the competition.


Are you ready to witness the real impact of our full-service approach to property management for Scottsdale single-family homes? Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our exceptional property management services in Scottsdale!

The Scottsdale Property Management Approach
Your Investment Will Be Perfectly Maintained

We handle all your property maintenance needs. Our expert team treats your single-family property as if it were our own, prioritizing tenant (and owner) satisfaction. By training and motivating tenants to take pride their rented property, we minimize maintenance requests and reduce your ownership costs. With Scottsdale Property Management, you get affordable and stress-free property management services that maximize your investment.

Get High Visibility For Your Property Listings

We prioritize effective marketing to attract high-quality tenants for your rental property. We conduct a thorough market analysis to determine competitive pricing based on current trends. SPM uses professional photography to showcase your single-family property's unique features. To ensure maximum visibility, we list your property on top rental sites, reaching a wide pool of qualified tenants. We also handle the chore of scheduling and conducting property showings. With our proactive marketing strategies, your rental property generate buzz, attracting top-quality tenants and maximizing your profits.

We'll Deal With Your Renters For You

With Scottsdale Property Management, owners can free themselves from the responsibility of rent collection. Your tenants get a secure online platform to handle monthly rent payments, ensuring a hassle-free process. Moreover, the SPM team prepares comprehensive monthly and annual owner statements, simplifying tax reporting and providing easy online access to all financial documents.

You're Always Free To Walk Away!

Scottsdale Property Management takes a unique approach to property management. Our aim is to provide an exceptional experience for property owners and tenants alike. We'll start the relationship with a complimentary rental analysis. We want to get to know you and your property. We deliver the best service when all parties are satisfied. If you decide to manage your single-family home yourself, a 30-day notice is all that's required. There are no early termination fees to end your contract with SPM.

We Thoroughly Screen Your Tenants

A successful rental experience starts with good tenants. That's why our rigorous screening process includes criminal background checks, credit report evaluation, landlord reference verification, eviction history checks, income verification, employment status checks, smoking and pet verification, and periodic check-ins. By carefully screening applicants, we ensure that only the most qualified individuals rent your property, minimizing turnover rates and maximizing your investment return.


Scottsdale Property Management goes beyond single-family homes. We also offer services for room shares, HOA groups, and more. The experienced SPM team provides trustworty oversight and maintenance, so you can focus on the things you want to focus on..


Managing a multi-family rental property is never easy. Responsibilities range from tenant issues to property maintenance. At Scottsdale Property Management, we understand the challenges that come with owning single-family rental homes. Our comprehensive onsite management services are a life-saver for owners of both small and large multi-family properties.


Single-family homes dominate the Scottsdale rental market. It's of the utmost importance that you have responsible tenants who will treat the property with care. Especially when showing a property, the exterior and the landscaping need to be attractive and well-maintained. We specialize in managing single-family residential properties of all sizes. We give you tailored management services to optimize your real estate investments.

Partner With Scottsdale's Single Family Management Pros

Grow your portfolio of single-family rental properties with Scottsdale Property Management on your side. We offer owners peace of mind and optimal returns. Let SPM handle emergency maintenance, tenant issues, and other challenges, providing a streamlined and superior rental experience.


Contact us today for a complimentary rental analysis. We treat your Arizona property they way you deserve for it to be treated.

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